ArtLens Exhibition at the Cleveland Museum of Art


Interactive Exhibition


Award of Excellence: Communication Arts
APEX Awards Silver
Museums and the Web Awards 2018 GLAMi Nomination, ArtLens Gallery
Media Technology Muse Awards Silver
Fast Company Innovation by Design Honorable Mention 2018


Developer, UX Engineer


Cinder, C++, OpenGL, OpenCV, GLSL, Kinect, Google Analytics 

ArtLens Exhibition is an experiential gallery experience that invites people ot explore art through body gestures, facial emotions and eye movements. Working with the museum’s cross-collaborative team, Potion brought together curators, exhibition designers, museum educators, and information technologists to design a new model for digital interpretation built on interactive digital projection and screens.

Developed using Cinder C++ framework and poScene (our internal scene graph at Potion), ArtLens was the most complicated and technically challenging project at Potion as of 2017. Consists of 6 projected screens and 3 touch screens, it has a total number of 16 unique experiences.

I developed 10 Kinect based experiences, as well as many other aspects of the project such as menus, text rendering, motion transitions, glsl shaders, cms specifications and sounds.  

Developers and designs worked closely to come up with an intuitive way to navigate through the interface and interact with the art. 

Scott Shaw

Potion Team

Principal: Phillip Tiongson
Producers: Abby Palmer, Nikolai Soudek
Development Producer: Drew Radtke
Creative Director: Matthew McNerney
Designers: Edyta Lewicka, Ruth Chung, Rhea Laroya, Cathy Sun
Lead Developer: Steve Varga
Developers: Luobin Wang, Filippo Vanucci, Ritesh Lala, Cameron Browning