City Explorer at Hassenfeld Children's Hospital


Interactive Installation


SEGD Honor Award 2019
MUSE Award 2019

Developer (main), Designer, UX Engineer


Unity, C#, HLSL

Styled like a children’s book come to life, City Explorer is an interactive tour of New York that gives children the chance to visit 8 classic locations around the city, and manipulate them using special powers. Control paintings at the MoMA or the signs in Times Square with telekinesis. Shape shift with animals at the Bronx Zoo. Fly around the Brooklyn Bridge, Change the time of year in Central Park, and even control the fireworks on the 4th of July.

Using gesture control, we built a system that can accommodate up to six concurrent players without compromising the experience for users that can be fully abled or wheelchair bound.  To add a sense of personalization, the system is even integrated with the hospital’s child art program, allowing original art by patients to be brought into the world of the game in places like the MoMA and Times Square.

I was assigned to complete the MoMA portion of the software. With a given design sketch, I was able to come up with the game mechanics, transitions and demo assets. During the development phase, I suggested having stop-motion like drawing to enhance the liveliness of the experience, I made the assets and it was approved to be in the design.

Pre-Alpha Stage Test

Revised scene design of the MoMa stage

Potion Team 

Principal: Phillip Tiongson
Producer: Lindsey Andon, Keith Madden
Designers: Stephanie Goralnick, Cathy Sun, Edyta Lewicka
Developers: Tamar Ziv, Tim Sun, Adnan Agha, Luobin Wang