Giving Tree (R&D) at Hassenfeld Children's Hospital







For the new Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital, they wanted to find a way to not just share the names of contributors who made the Hospital possible, but to tell their stories, their goals, and how they were inspired by the project.  And while there are always founding and foundational donors that need to be acknowledged, an institution that lives on will continue to have people joining in its efforts.

The Solution: and interactive “Giving Tree.” the Donor Wall features an interactive animated tree where each leaf connects to the story of a donor while the scale of the leaf corresponds to the scale of the donation.  A light wind blows through the leaves to cue users to touch them, and doing so expands different types and styles of stories about the donor, and the story of their relationship to the hospital. 

Early prototype with broken alpha blending.

As the prototyping developer on this project. I was asked to achieve leaf simulation, in web. As ambitious as the projected was intended to be, I managed to do some research on how paper folding could be done in vertex shader and realized the effect in THREE.js. The finished prototype is based on Deforming Pages of 3D Electronic Books (sketches 0135) by Lichan Hong, Stuart K. Card, and Jindong (JD) Chen.

Blowing Leaves

Dropping Leaves 

Leaves with breeze

This is the R&D phase for the Giving Tree, for the finshed installation, please visit HERE.