History in Motion at Brooklyn Historical Society


Interactive Installation




Cinder, C++, GLSL, Google Analytics, YouTube API

Using Kinect technology, History in Motion drops visitors into ten historic paintings and photographs, records them interacting with historic figures and objects, and weaves their actions into a 60-second movie starring themselves that can be shared on social media.

The main tech highlights of the installation are gesture control, body subtracting, real-time filters and YouTube upload. In the experience, user can choose the a story theme, learn the history and blend into the photo collections. At the very end of the installation, they are given the link to the uploaded video on Youtube. Here is an example video output grabbed straight from YouTube:

For all 10 different stories, I developed 10 different glsl shaders for the blending effect. At the same time, I designed and developed a design tool for designers to adjust the filters to their satisfaction:

Potion Team 

Producer: Claire Bradley
Designers: Harry Borrelli, Cathy Sun
Developers: Luobin Wang