Interactive Signages at Northwestern University


Interactive Signage

Developer, UX Engineer


Cinder, C++, OpenGL, GLSL, Google Analytics
To support two new world-class athletic facilities, Northwestern wanted to use digital technology to transform their new buildings into recruiting tools for prospective athletes, coaches, families, and special event VIPs.  Working with our content partners Teamworks media, Potion designed and developed a multi-modal system across 2 buildings to to tell the more than 100-year story of Northwestern Athletics, from its legendary players like Otto Graham and Joe Girardi, to its classic wins at the Rose Bowl.

The development phase of this project was particularly fun. From impactful, large scale motions to micro-interactions, we worked closely with designers to achieve the best experience. I was in charge of developing the front end part of the application to achieve text animation, generative motion, video playback, customized menus, text justification, and special effects while preserving the butter smooth framerates.

Welsh-Ryan Arena during deployment

Custom built justifcation in Cinder C++ application to serve client’s content formatting needs.

Title text animation invovles getting calculating glyph spacing and utilizing uniforms in shaders. 

Potion Team

Principal: Phillip Tiongson
Producer: Lindsey Andon
Project Director: Cameron Browning
Designers: Michelle Layne Lawson, Sara Kim, Brian Bowman
Developers: Rich Eakin, Luobin Wang