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Fast Company Innovation By Design Awards - Workplace


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ArtLens for Slack, the latest collaboration between Potion and the Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA), is the first rapid-response art exhibition app designed to bring joy and community to remote workers isolated by the COVID-19 Pandemic. The app unites work teams through brief but significant moments of companionship, humor and serendipity woven into the workday.

ArtLens for Slack allows users to recharge, get inspired, and discuss current topics in the digital workplace. It's an app that combines the traditional museum experience and those in-office watercooler conversations. Like visiting the museum with your coworkers, it recreates the experience of a team building exercise from the comfort of your home office.

ArtLens for Slack is the first rapid-response art exhibition app designed for remote workplaces. It generates artworks from the CMA’s collection based on a prompt, bringing works that span centuries to present-day conversations. Thinking about personal protective equipment? Check out an amazing chain mail shirt from the museum’s European arms and armor collection! Considering clocking into happy hour early? Grab a gilded goblet and pour yourself a glass! Has working from home relaxed your dress code? Find a figure drawing that reflects your current state of dress!

Potion Team

Principal: Phillip Tiongson
Creative Technologist: Luobin Wang
Producers: Nikolai Soudek